Sal'ahari Sands - Sand Stormer (71023)

The adventures in Sal'ahari Sands continue. Novelmore heroes Arwynn, Gwynn, and Dario have teamed up with the brave Ahari desert people to confront the eerie skeleton army. Using the Sand Stormer, they move quickly through the hot desert sands and effortlessly overcome salt lakes and sand dunes. Attackers are kept at bay with the large bellows cannon, the battering ram and the new poison arrows. With the help of the side nets, scorpions or objects can be fished out of the sand during the journey. On board are Arwynn and Gwynn, two Ahari fighters, a bellows gun, poison arrows and many other extras for exciting desert adventures. The ship can be pushed along the ground using the wheels.Product details
The sandstorm breaker has three types of weapons:
● A bellows cannon to be equipped with foam balls that can be fired by squeezing the bellows.
● A horizontally movable battering ram with a net for storing the foam balls.
● Two poison cannons on movable platforms on either side of the ship, each with one cannon including sponge bullets. To 'charge with poison' the sponge bullets are dipped into the water-filled box in front of the platform.
● In the stern of the ship is a removable cage that provides space for a PLAYMOBIL figure. The gate of the cage can be opened and closed via a winch.
● Various hatches provide storage space or hiding places for accessories.
● The sails can be turned into different positions.
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PLAYMOBIL 71023 Sal'ahari Sands - Sand Stormer

Alternate description
A low roar announces the mighty sand ship of our heroes in the fight against the skeleton army in the desert of Sal'ahari. Built from the remains of a wreck and equipped with many clever inventions, our heroes face the enemies in the ultimate battle with the Sandstorm Breaker. Including novel sponge projectiles, zip line and mechanical projectile firing, the great sailor will do justice as the answer of our heroes.
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