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Guardian of the Lava Mine (70926)

Also for Ian the exciting journey continues. He has to face the mystical Guardian of the Lava Mine and solve tasks in its lava spring. Besides the danger of fiery lava, however, Ian must first avoid the numerous traps. If the dinosaur skull is tilted backwards, a flame projectile is shot. But Ian is not afraid of danger and is determined to defeat the energy guardian.
The set includes Team Dino Rise member Ian and a guardian, a thorn devil, a lava spring with mechanical traps, a shield, equipment for Ian and many more extras for incendiary adventures. The expandable silicone lava allows the spring to be customised.
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PLAYMOBIL 70926 Guardian of the Lava Mine

Alternate description
Ian stellt sich einer neuen Herausforderung: Um zum Wächter der Lavaquelle zu gelangen muss er diverse Hindernisse überwinden. Mit cleveren, mechanischen Fallen und Funktionen sowie 2 Figuren. Maße: TBA
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January 2022

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