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Dino Mine (70925)

The exciting battle for the energy stones continues. Which side will the devious mining gang be on? Watch out and fasten your seatbelts: It's all happening in the second chapter of the Dino Rise series. The friends of Team Dino Rise have to make their way through a dangerous mine and meet a completely new party: the Miners. The Miners hold a previously unknown companion of Team Dino Rise captive in the depths of the Dino Mine. The mine can only be travelled through the insane twists and turns of the Mine Train, which guarantees adventurous and exciting descents. But beware, the Miners have taken precautions and equipped the mine with tricky traps. If one switch is thrown, there is a risk of falling into the darkness. With the mine lift, the individual mine cruisers can be put back on the starting line. Will the friends manage to save the dino?
The set features Dino Rise team member Kaidan, the leader of the mine gang and two of his villains, a dino mine with track system, mine cruisers and lift, a dimorphodon, various tools and lots of other accessories for action-packed dinosaur fun.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70925 Dino Mine

Alternate description
In der Dino Mine treffen Kaidan von Team Dino Rise auf die "Miners". Diese haben nicht nur ein achterbahnähnliches Schienennetz durch den Fels gezogen, sondern auch einen Dino gefangen genommen. Mit funktionsfähigen Kanonen und Minenfahrzeugen, mechanischen Fallen und einer Funktion zum Befreien des neuen Dinos. Inkl. Kaidan, Minen Chef und einem Dimorphodon Maße: TBA
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January 2022

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