Dino Rise

Starter Pack Dino Rise: Fire Scorpion (70909)

Team Dino Rise always has its hands full to thwart the sinister plans of the Comet Corporation. This time Ian has to deal with a giant fire scorpion. In addition to the arachnid's huge clawed arms, Ian must also be wary of its dangerous stinging tail. But the Chosen One already has an idea: he skilfully shoots a grappling hook at the crystal on the scorpion's back and pulls the gemstone towards him. This way he can capture the crystal without getting stung. What a clever manoeuvre! This PLAYMOBIL Dino Rise Starter Pack is a great introduction or addition to the exciting PLAYMOBIL Dino Rise world, where kids can experience action-packed dino adventures. The set includes Team Dino Rise member Ian, a fire scorpion, four small scorpions, helmet, shoulder pads, rocks, six fire crystals and many more extras for exciting dino adventures.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70909 Starter Pack Dino Rise: Fire Scorpion

Alternate description
In a heated environment Ian fights against the fire scorpion.
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January 2022

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