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Interchangeable Truck (70444)

Heavy materials often have to be transported on the construction site. For this purpose modern trucks are used. The body of the truck can be changed flexibly: The trough is used for transporting bulk material. When the worker arrives at the construction site, the trough is unloaded first. Carefully the lifting device is set in motion and the trough is lowered to the rear. Thanks to its practical rollers, the body is unloaded in no time. Then the construction worker starts to load the stake trailer in order to bring equipment, broom, guide cone and canister to the next construction site.
The playset consists of a PLAYMOBIL construction worker with helmet and gloves, a truck with swap body, a trough, a stake trailer, an equipment box with lid, a petrol canister and many other extras. The roof of the truck driver's cab is removable. The truck is RC-compatible and can be upgraded with the RC module set (art. no. 6914).
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PLAYMOBIL 70444 Vrachtwagen met wissellaadbak

Alternate description
The body of the truck and be used to transport bagged goods or use the trough to transport bulk goods.
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July 2020

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Vrachtwagen met wissellaadbak 70444 Features

Figures: 1 Construction worker\nVehicle: 1 truck\nAccessories: 1 canister, 1 broom, 1 construction helmet, 1 trough, 1 transport attachment, 1 wire mesh box, 1 tool box, 8 fastening elements, 1 clamping rubber, 2 bags