SCOOBY-DOO! Adventure in the Mystery Mansion (70361)

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Scooby-Doo™, Fred™ & Daphne™ are on the case to investigate the secrets that lie inside the Mystery Mansion™. Spooky surprises await them in shadowy corners and creaky corridors, and nothing should be overlooked. Beware! A trap door, dangling chandelier, secret hideouts, hidden doors, and atrick staircase will keep the gang on their toes. With the help of the PLAYMOBIL app, ghosts and ghouls can be projected as a hologram on the ground floor. The light up coffin illuminates the ghost cards, giving the crew clues and bringing them closer to capturing the villain. Eeek! The coffin also comes with creepy and haunted sound effects to add to the eerie atmosphere. The vampire's changing faces can be shocking, but once the crew unmasks him, the mystery is finally revealed! Playset includes Fred™, Daphne™, Scooby-Doo™, vampire, haunted mansion, coffin with projector and sound effects, three ghost cards, and many more accessories for an exciting adventure! Recommended for ages five years and up. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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PLAYMOBIL SCOOBY-DOO! Avontuur in Mystery Mansion (70361)

Alternate descriptionIncludes Scooby-Doo™, Fred™ & Daphne™. Some spooky surprises are waiting for them inside, such as a trap door, collapsing chandelier, stairs that suddenly turn into a slide, hideouts and a revolving door. With the help of the corresponding app, project spooky apparitions around the room. This set also includes a coffin with 8 different spooky sounds that also used as a flashlight or projector (3 x AAA batteries necessary). Insert the ghost cards into the coffin device to project the corresponding ghost onto a wall. The vampire can be unmasked. Includes 3 Ghost Cards. Kids can also illuminate the collectible card using reader in the Mystery Machine (70286 - sold separately). Featuring Scooby-Doo in a collectible detective's outfit!
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SCOOBY-DOO! Avontuur in Mystery Mansion 70361 Features

    Figures: 1 Fred; 1 Daphne; 1 vampire\nAnimals: 1 Scooby-Doo; 2 bats flying; 2 bats hanging; 1 cat; 4 spiders; 2 mice\nAccessories: 1 haunted house; 2 shutters; 3 board sheds; 1 wind arrow, 4 ivy vines; 1 door handle; 3 curtains photoluminescent; 1 wall cupboard; 1 candlestick; 1 chandelier with holder; 2 picture frames; 1 spider web; 1 coffin with sound and light function; 1 grandfather clock; 1 armchair; 1 table with mirror; 1 bearskin; 1 ladder; 1 dustbin; 1 suitcase large; 1 suitcase small; 1 fireplace; 1 set of books; 1 book holder; 1 log with flame; 1 stick with sausage; 1 fireplace grate; 1 fireplace cover; 2 skulls; 4 bones; 2 fishbones; 6 bundles of money; 2 gold bars; 1 open book; 1 newspaper; 1 pizza box; 1 mirror; 1 pistol; 4 lanterns; 1 torch; 1 magnifying glass; 2 carafes; 1 glass; 1 tube; 1 hint card; 3 ghost cards; 1 transparent glass; 1 stand for Scooby-Doo; 1 vampire cape; 1 collar; 1 scarf; 1 two-piece skirt; 1 detective cap; 1 dog collar; 1 dog tag; 2 holders for hanging bats; labels to decorate the house

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