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Advent Calendar - Christmas Baking (71088)

Open the doors for great Advent play fun! The PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar Christmas Baking provides 24 days of anticipation and brings playful variety to the pre-Christmas season. While mother and daughter are inside baking delicious cookies in the modern kitchen, the son is having fun outside in the snow. He has already built a stately snowman and is now forming snowballs for a snowball fight. After so much snow fun, he first sits down in the pony sleigh and drives a few laps around the festively decorated Christmas tree in the garden.
The playset consists of an Advent calendar with 24 surprises and real cookie cutters for great baking fun at home. In addition to three PLAYMOBIL figures, the set also includes a Santa Claus with sack and presents, a pony sleigh, a kitchenette with two ovens and lots of baking utensils, and a snowman.
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PLAYMOBIL 71088 Advent Calendar - Christmas Baking

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The smell of Christmas cookies is in the air! The whole family bakes Christmas cookies together and gets in the mood for Santa's visit. Includes real cookie cutters and cookie stamp to bake and decorate Christmas cookies.
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