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Mini Cooper (70921)

All car lovers can look forward to a true British icon: the Mini Cooper. Not only Mr. Bean, but also the Beatles, drove this legendary cult car. Like no other car, the Mini Cooper represents classic British style in a small, fun, and nimble package. No wonder that the design of the original Mini remained almost unchanged for nearly forty-one years. The Mini Cooper offers a lot of car in a little space - for designer Alec Issigonis, "creative use of space" and "focus on the essentials" were so important that there was no room for heating or radio, and sliding windows were used instead of retractable windows. Like the original, this PLAYMOBIL model will make every collector's heart beat faster. The tailgate can be opened and four figures fit into the small interior through the removable roof. The PLAYMOBIL Mini Cooper not only shines with its detailed design, but also with its chrome-coloured accents. Much like an English car, the steering wheel and driver's seat are on the right-hand side. In addition to two figures in colourful 70s outfits and a Dalmatian, the set also includes a policeman in a classic English uniform.
Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.9 x 3.1 in. (LxWxH).
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PLAYMOBIL 70921 Mini Cooper

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the cult car and space wonder from Great Britain. Now also from PLAYMOBIL: the style icon in a set with matching figures and accessories from a London big city scene of the 70s.
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December 2021

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Mini Cooper

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