Edwina (70388)

Welcome to the world of dreams - welcome to the realm of EverDreamerz! Rosalee, Viona, Edwina, Clare and Starleen are five friends with big dreams. When the girls find a magical amulet, a portal opens into another universe, the land of their dreams. First, the five friends travel to Rosalee's dream world, where everything revolves around sweets. As a waffle lover, this candy dream world is entirely to Edwina's taste. She is the most sporty of the gang, always actively in motion and simply not to be slowed down. At her side she always has her faithful cat.
The playsets consists of EverDreamerz character Edwina with her cat, bag, milk, eggs, apples and pineapple to bake waffles. Edwina has a heart waffle as a special charm. Great collecting effect: Each EverDreamerz character has its own silicone bracelet for children with an individual character charm for collecting and swapping. The character and its accessories can be stored in the colourful package and taken along.
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PLAYMOBIL 70388 Edwina

Alternate description
Edwina is the sporting champion among the girls. There is no sport that Edwina hasn't tried yet! She is active and open for new challenges. She only takes a break when there are fresh waffles. Incl. silicone bracelet, jewellery beads and waffle charm, trading card, sticker and many accessories.
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