Starleen - Comic World (70474)

Stage talent Starleen can also show off her singing and dancing skills in Edwina's colourful comic world. Although she likes to attract all the attention, she always uses her talents to help her friends. Edwina's fantastic comic world is just what Starleen likes. Here, everything is sketched, and the world is full of bright colours and varied patterns. Enthusiastically the girls discover how they can easily create new creatures by drawing and painting and give free rein to their creativity. But even in this comic dream world, many challenges lurk. Can the EverDreamerz prevent Edwina's colourful comic dream from turning into a black-and-white nightmare?
The set includes EverDreamerz character Starleen in comic outfit with red meerkat, decorative beads, stickers, collector's card, handbag, photo camera and many other extras. Starleen has a red bow as personal charm for the silicone bracelet. With the new water pen, the bright colours on the black and white stickers come out and disappear again when dry.
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PLAYMOBIL 70474 Starleen - Comic World

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Starleen likes to be the centre of attention as because her favourite hobbies are singing and dancing. No wonder she always attracts attention! She can use her talent cleverly to bring the girls forward on their journey. Includes a silicone bracelet, jewellery beads and bow charm, collector's card, sticker and many accessories. The enclosed stickers can be painted on with the new PLAYMOBIL water pen.
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