Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus (70176)

It is an icon on the road: the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus. Loved by generations, countless adventurers have traveled the world in this camping bus. Of course also the PLAYMOBIL version has many characteristic details, such as the iconographic V-shaped front end with red and white colour separation and red VW logo, rounded roof, split windshield and removable roof rack. When opening the roof section, the authentically designed interior becomes visible. In true style, the interior of the T1 offers a folding table with two seats and a sink with refrigerator. The benches with typical 60's check pattern can be converted into a sleeping area for two people. The side doors can be opened as well, one door includes a shelf for food and the other a hinged shelf and mirror. The Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus: get in, drive off and enjoy the freedom!
The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus with removable roof and suitcases, detailed interior with folding dining table, foldable back seat, side doors with mirror and space for food and many other loving extras.
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PLAYMOBIL 70176 Volkswagen T1 campingbus

Alternate description
The camper is ideal of an adventure. It is fully equipped with seating, a mini-kitchen, sunbathing area, and lots of storage space.
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Volkswagen T1 campingbus 70176 Features

Figures: 1 woman, 1 man;\nAccessories: 1 Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus, 1 luggage rack, 1 suitcase, 1 travel bag, 1 map, 1 camera with strap, 2 pillows, 1 bottle, 2 cups, 2 toothbrushes, 1 hairbrush, 1 tube, 2 cans of food, 1 bread box, 2 tetra packs