Alle Playmobil Sets mit dem Thema Construction Site

Construction sites are like a magnet for many boys. They love to watch the enormous machines and heavy-duty equipment moving and transporting their hefty loads. They also like to pretend they’re part of a large team working together and building something new, like a house or a shopping centre. How cool! 

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Set TitelPreisUnterschiedHinzugefügt
Niedrigsten PreisMinibagger (6340)€ 9.99- €1.50 (13%)2014-03-29
Niedrigsten PreisAbsperrbake mit Warnlampe (7453)€ 11.99--2015-03-13
Niedrigsten PreisSleepgraver met verstelbaar blad (6860)€ 22.49- €2.50 (10%)2015-12-15
Niedrigsten PreisConstruction Worker with Jack Hammer (5472)€ 6.99- €1.00 (13%)2015-03-12
Niedrigsten PreisBauwagen (7242)€ 19.99- €7.50 (27%)2015-03-13
Niedrigsten Preis2 Bauarbeiter (6339)€ 9.99--2014-03-29
Niedrigsten PreisBaustellenschilder (7280)€ 11.99--2015-03-13

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