Wiltopia - Sea Lion (71288)

Explore the fascinating animal and plant world of our planet with the sustainable WILTOPIA sets from PLAYMOBIL. This sea lion is waiting to expand your animal collection and experience exciting role-play adventures with you. The set includes a sea lion, a shell and a stone base for sunbathing. The figure can move the head and tail fin up and down.
Play and collecting fun
Each WILTOPIA set contains a knowledge card with exciting animal facts. Scan the card's QR code to discover the WILTOPIA web app with cool additional content like an audio clip, puzzles and an AR feature.
Our step towards a more sustainable future
Our new logo identifies all our products that are made from 80% sustainable materials on average. These are composed of recycled and bio-based plastics. For the packaging there are also used recycled materials. Of course, all WILTOPIA products meet the usual high safety standards and the proven PLAYMOBIL quality and durability.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 71288 Wiltopia - Sea Lion

Alternate description
WILTOPIA - Sea Lion made from an average of over 80% sustainable material including accessories, animal knowledge card to collect and exciting audio content.
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July 2023

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