Novelmore vs. Burnham Raiders - Duel (71212)

Let's join the exciting duel of knights! Fighter Gwynn opposes with the water jet cannon, Kaboom with his fire projectile. Each party tries to hit the opponent's target and knock it over. Gwynn is a good shot, but Kaboom has also drunk target water and the two engage in intense competition. The detailed Novelmore playsets invite exciting knightly adventures in the children's room with interesting characters and clever functions. Great fun for girls and boys aged 4 and up.
• The ultimate knight's duel: The two targets are inserted into the cardboard wall attachments. When touched, the target tilts back 90 degrees and the knights can score points.
• Movable cannons: Both cannons can be rotated and swiveled and are connected to the base via a suspension. The cannons are loaded from the front and the projectiles are catapulted out by pressing the trigger.
• Flexibly equipped: arm cuffs, headgear, cape and flames can be removed from the figures.
• It's all in the facial expressions: Kaboom has an interchangeable face that can be switched by removing the hairstyle.
• Safety first: all PLAYMOBIL playsets meet the highest quality and safety standards.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 71212 Novelmore vs. Burnham Raiders - Duel

Alternate description
Barricaded behind thick walls, Gwynn and Kaboom duel for every point in the battle with water cannons and fire cannons.
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February 2023

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