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Rescue Motorcycle with Flashing Light (71205)

This PLAYMOBIL playset will delight all dedicated rescue workers. With the agile Rescue Motorcycle with Flashing Light, the emergency doctor is on the scene to help in no time. The motorcycle is equipped with a flashing light that can be switched on via a button. To ensure that the medic is particularly easy to see in hectic road traffic, the two-wheeler flashes not only at the back of the motorcycle case, but also alternately on both sides. After 60 seconds, the light goes out again by itself. Medical accessories can be stowed and transported in the clip-on doctor's case. For first aid at the scene of an accident, splint bandages and resuscitation bags are included. A high-quality playset for children aged 4 and older.
The toy set consists of a PLAYMOBIL figure, a rescue motorcycle, helmet, gloves, face mask, doctor's case and other exciting extras. Glove attachments, helmet and face mask are removable. The PLAYMOBIL City Life series includes modern vehicles and realistic models with which children can learn through play and develop important skills.
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PLAYMOBIL 71205 Rescue Motorcycle with Flashing Light

Alternate description
Rescue Motorcycle in modern look and versatile equipment in doctor's case. (Batteries included)
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