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Soccer Stadium (71120)

Shot, goal and victory! Get into the soccer fever with the soccer stadium from PLAYMOBIL. All the players have been looking forward to the big tournament for months and can hardly wait for kick-off. After the warm-up phase, it's onto the pitch and then the game can begin. Which team will win the cup? Thanks to the practical kick function, flat and high balls can be placed precisely. Use the number labels to stick on the player number of your favorite player. A great playset for sport loving children.

The playset contains two soccer players with kick function and two goalkeepers, three soccer balls, label sheets and many other extras for exciting kicking fun in the children's room.
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PLAYMOBIL 71120 Soccer Stadium

Alternate description
Soccer player with real kick function, goalkeeper attached to movable guide rod and game instructions. Dimensions: 97x67x9,5cm (LxDxH).
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