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Modern House Floor Extension (70986)

The practical floor extension brings even more life into the house. There is plenty of space for leisure and hobbies. In the fitness room, a stepper and a boxing machine are available for training. If the bicycle breaks down, it can be checked and repaired on the assembly stand. Next door, creative ideas are born and put on canvas in front of the flickering fire of the fireplace. A modern washing machine is waiting to make household chores easier for the family.
The set includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, a child figure, a floor extension for the Modern House (9266), a boxing machine, a workbench, a bicycle, various fitness equipment and tools and many more extras to re-enact colourful family life. With the included wallpaper templates, the rooms of the house can be embellished as desired. Use the QR code in the assembly instruction to get more wallpaper templates to design, print and decorate.
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PLAYMOBIL 70986 Modern House Floor Extension

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With flickering fireplace and different wallpapers and floors to decorate. 2 x 1.5 V micro batteries required.
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January 2022

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