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Miradero Festival (70694)

Dip into Lucky's fascinating world and experience many exciting adventures. Together with her wild mustang Spirit, Lucky visits the Miradero Festival. There is so much to discover here: sales stands filled with hand-made toys, flowers and delicious corn sticks, colorful fairy lights and cheerful music. Spirit is naturally more interested in the fresh fruit in the basket. Lucky enjoys the cheerful festival atmosphere. After a short time she happily starts dancing on the dance floor.
Just in time for its release at cinemas the new DreamWorks Spirit playsets from PLAYMOBIL are now available for young and old fans. Set includes Lucky and mustang Spirit, father Jim and Snips, two sales stalls with toys, sweets, fruit and flowers, as well as rotating platforms on which the characters can dance.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70694 Miradero Festival

Alternate description
Lucky and her friends join everyone in town to celebrate at the Miradero Festival! With lottery tickets and rotating plattforms on which the figures can dance. Including Lucky & Spirit, Jim and Snips.
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Miradero Festival 70694 Features

Figures: 1 Festival Lucky, 1 Jim, 1 Snips; Animals: 1 horse Spirit; Accessories: 1 festival stand with bows, 1 tree with flowers, 2 festival garlands with pennants and lanterns, 1 parasol, 1 fire pit, 1 table, 3 baskets, 2 adult dance boards, 1 children\'s dance board, 1 lantern with holder, 1 guitar, 1 trumpet, 1 flute, 1 tambourine, 2 fans, 2 hats, 6 scratch tickets, 1 book, 1 horse shoulder bag, 1 rock sample, 1 teddy, 4 corn cobs, 2 corn cob holders, 1 corn cob plate, 2 jugs, 1 glass pot, 1 ice cream spoon, 4 ice cream scoops, 1 knife, 6 carrots, 2 apples, 1 bouquet of flowers, 3 roses, 1 bundle of straw