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Advent Calendar - Back to the Future III (70576)

For Back to the Future fans, this pre-Christmas season will be a real blast! With the brand-new "Back to the Future III" advent calendar, movie enthusiasts can reminisce and re-enact legendary scenes of the cult film series. This time, friends Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown are transported far back to the past to the year 1885, where they not only have to deal with the rough customs of the Wild West, but also with swashbuckler Buford Tannen. Of course, local schoolteacher, and later Doc's girlfriend, Clara Clayton and terrier Copernicus may not be missing in this adventure. As a special extra, this unconventional advent calendar includes an exclusive diorama showing various movie locations and a cool collector's postcard. In addition, the DeLorean (70317 - sold separately) can be converted with the included accessories for the various time travels. With nostalgic flair and iconic details, this advent calendar brings not only PLAYMOBIL fans with full energy Back to the Future. The Wild West is waiting!
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PLAYMOBIL 70576 Advent Calendar - Back to the Future III

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Off to the WildWest with Marty McFly and Doc Brown! Including the characters from 1955 and 1885 as well as accessories to convert the DeLorean (item no. 70317 - sold separately) for the next time travel. Bonus for real fans: exclusive diorama with four different movie locations plus collector's postcard included.
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Advent Calendar - Back to the Future III 70576 Features

Figuren: 1 Marty McFly 1955, 1 Doc Brown 1955, 1 Marty McFly 1885, 1 Doc Brown 1885,1 Buford Tannen 1885, 1 Clara Clayton 1885;\r\nTiere: 1 Hund Kopernikus 1955, 1 Pferd;\r\nZubehör: 3 Dynamitstangen, 1 Sprengbox, 1 Grabstein, 1 Laterne, 1 Grubenhelm mit Lampe und Riemen, 1 Westernhut weiß, 1 Halstuch, 1 Paar Armmanschetten, 1 Brief aus dem Jahr 1885, 4 Weißwandreifen (inkl. Felgen), 1 Röhrencomputer mit Gehäuse, 4 Klebepunkte, 2 Armbanduhren. 1 Hut, 3 Revolver, 1 Grünpflanze, 1 nostalgische Kamera mit Stativ, 1 Gewehr, 1 Bilderrahmen mit Turmuhr-Foto, 1 Montana-Hut, 1 Hut braun, 1 Poncho, 1 Gürtel mit Holster, 1 Pistole, 1 Westernsattel, 1 Halfter, 1 Zügel, 1 Lasso, 1 Westernhut braun, 1 Reisetasche, 1 Damenhut, 3 Superzündis, 1 4-teiliges Diorama mit Filmschauplätzen, 1 Postkarte