Dressing Room (70454)

Part of polite etiquette is of course to dress appropriately for every occasion. That's why princesses spend a lot of time in the dressing room, choosing dresses and accessories and discussing hairstyles and make-up. The sporty princess Sally likes it comfortable, but also elegant. Since she likes to be the centre of attention, her dresses are allowed to glitter and shimmer. She is currently trying on a white-blue dress with silver applications. That would be just the right thing for the ball. Now all that is missing are the matching accessories, but stylish Sally will certainly find something.
The playset contains a PLAYMOBIL figure, Princess Sally from Australia, a shell bath, a screen, a clothes rail with clothes hangers and clothes, a make-up area with mirror and bench and many other styling accessories.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70454 Kleedkamer

Alternate description
Princess is gettng ready. With royal bath tub.
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July 2020

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Kleedkamer 70454 Features

Figures: 1 Princess\nAccessories: 1 bathtub, 1 screen, 2 shelf compartments, 1 coat stand, 1 tailor\'s dummy, 3 coat hangers, 2 busts, 1 crown, 3 chains, 1 plaited hairstyle, 1 short hairstyle, 3 different hairpieces, 2 collars, 1 mirror, 1 hand mirror, 1 bench, 1 side table, 1 towel holder 1 stool, 6 bows, 1 shell, 1 sponge, 1 bottle, 1 bath duck, 1 lipstick, 3 hair bows, 2 skirt bows, 1 hoop skirt with bows, 1 hoop skirt with belt, 1 handbag, 1 basket, 2 towels, 1 bath towel (2-piece), 3 different dresses (2-piece each)