Princess Castle (70448)

Princess Betty is a real free spirit, she is self-confident and cheerful, but unfortunately sometimes a bit clumsy. Her home is the romantic princess castle. Here the lively princess feels completely at home. When guests come to visit, they take the lift to the upper floor and are welcomed in the throne room. In the small ballroom on the ground floor, mother and daughter enjoy sitting together, enjoying refreshments and chatting. The clever princess likes to spend the end of the day in the tower room, where she makes herself comfortable on the Ottoman. This princess castle is a real dream!
The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures Princess Betty and her mother, a princess castle with three rooms, a throne room with throne, a small banqueting hall with table and chairs, glasses and carafe, and a tower room with ottoman. The upper floor can be reached by lift. An elegant staircase leads up to the tower room.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70448 Prinsessenkasteel

Alternate description
Princesses from all over the world come together. In the princess castle they learn a lot about life as princesses. The castle has spacious rooms, an elegant open staircase, a lift to the tower room and a two-winged gate. Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 60 cm (LxDxH).
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Prinsessenkasteel 70448 Features

Figures: 1 Queen, 1 Princess\nAccessories: 1 princess lock with rotating dance plate, 1 carpet, 1 side table, 1 table with bows, 2 chairs, 1 bowl, 1 carafe, 4 glasses, 1 throne, 1 footstool, 1 ottoman, 1 crown, 4 bracelets, 1 cape, 1 hair ornament, 1 hoop skirt with flowers, 1 hoop skirt with belt, 1 vase with flower