Redcoat Bastion (70413)

The massive stone Bastion of the Redcoats is enthroned on steep cliffs in the sea. In their best armed bastion the soldiers guard a valuable gold treasure, which they keep hidden in a secret treasure vault. Neither storm and wind nor thieving pirates can frighten the Redcoats, because with their big cannon they can put the greedy buccaneers to flight in no time at all. The two pirates who approach secretly under the cover of night should be on their guard. Like the pirates, the redcoats dream of finding their way to the legendary Treasure Island. Who will be successful first?
The game set contains a soldier's bastion with a large cannon, four PLAYMOBIL figures, a rowing boat with a small, swivelling cannon, a treasure chest with treasure and many other extras.
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Set Title

PLAYMOBIL 70413 Redcoat Bastion

Alternate description
with two soldiers and a skeleton. Equipped with a dungeon, small boat, treasure chest and two pirates.
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February 2020

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Redcoat Bastion 70413 Features

Figures: 2 red coat soldiers, 2 pirates, 1 skeleton Vehicles: 1 rowing boat Animals: 1 shark, 1 crocodile baby Accessories: 1 palm tree, 1 bombard, 2 bombard balls, 1 trough, 3 hats, 2 pistols, 1 sabre, 1 rifle, 1 chest, 2 oars, 1 anchor, 1 barrel, 1 rifle with bayonet, 1 crown, 1 chain, 2 jewels, 10 gold coins