Galaxy Police

Galaxy Police Truck (70018)

Who ensures law and order in space? Of course the PLAYMOBIL Galaxy Police. Against the clever officers with their versatile Galaxy Police truck, villains don't stand a chance even in the infinite expanses of space. If a villain is on the run, the two policemen immediately jump into the cockpit of their truck, switch on the flashing light and start the pursuit. The space pirate flees on his flight glider - now it's time to be fast. The police officers extend the rocket ramp on the roof and fire a warning shot. This fugitive has to make an emergency landing. Now the policemen grab him and it goes off into the prison capsule. This was not how the rogue had imagined his escape.
The playset consists of three PLAYMOBIL figures, a police truck with a folding cockpit, an extendable rocket ramp with projectiles and prison capsule, and an air glider. In the glider is space for one figure.
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PLAYMOBIL 70018 Galaxy politietruck

Alternate description
with working flashing light (batteries included), fold-out rocket ramp and lockable prison cell. With integrated jet for spinning out and stopping enemy vehicles. Incl. enemy attack jet for exciting chases! Dimensions: 32 x 13 x 18.5 cm (LxWxH)
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July 2020

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Galaxy Police

Galaxy politietruck 70018 Features

Figures: 2 Galaxy Policemen; 1 Galaxy Pirate, 1 Galaxy Police Robot\nAccessories: 1 Galaxy Police Truck; 2 bolt guns; 1 Galaxy Police Reconnaissance Jet; 4 small rockets, 1 Galaxy Pirate Jet; 2 reconnaissance drone projectiles; 1 police shield; 1 pair of handcuffs; 2 green laser guns; 1 red laser gun; 1 wanted file; 1 control unit; 1 connecting cable control unit; 1 satellite dish; 1 articulated satellite dish; 1 storage box for truck; 1 helmet with visor; 1 headset white with headlamp and boom microphone; 1 headset black with headlamp and boom microphone; 1 headphone; 3 pairs of shoulder cuffs; 4 pairs of armrests; 2 breastplates;