Cruise Ship (6978)

-Cruise liner CAN NOT float and is therefore NOT designed to be used in water.
- Lower deck can be pulled out but NOT removed. Recommandation: Whilst moving the ship, the lower deck should be inside the ship's hull. -By removing the roof it is possible to access the areas of the terminal and bridge.
- Bridge is accessible through the doorway.
- Safety vests are stored in the box located in the bow area of the ship.
- Three safety vests included for the adult figures and two for the child figures.
- Figures are able to stand on the deck and hold onto the railing.
- Pool can be filled with water and removed for cleaning.
- Ladder leads to the slide and to the upper deck.
- Lifeboat can be lifted up and down by the swiveling arm.
- Lifeboat floats and can be upgraded with the underwater motor (item 7350) (NOT possbile with RC Underwater Motor item 5536).
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PLAYMOBIL 6978 Cruiseschip

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Both sections can be pulled out of the ship's hull for a better way to play. Fillable pool with slide from sundeck, area for restaurants and bridge with a removable roof. With a lifeboat that can float (you can upgrade with the underwater motor item 7350). Measurements: 74 x 36 x 21 cm.
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January 2016

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Cruiseschip 6978 Features

Can be combined with: - 6983 Singer with Stage - 7350 Underwater Motor