Unicorn Jewel Castle (5474)

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Take a fantastical journey to the dazzling Unicorn Jewel Castle. With regal turrets and sparkling jewels, this castle is a symbol of the land, and the queen looks out over her kingdom from the royal balcony. Visitors can walk up the front steps and through the ornate doors. Upon entering, guests are welcomed into the ballroom furnished with dining table and chairs and lit with candelabras. The elegant spiral staircase leads to a royal bedroom featuring a bed adorned with sparkling crystals and fit for a queen. Each side of the castle features a beautiful terrace where the queen and guests can enjoy some fresh air. The set also includes two figures, gilded mirror, dog, goblets, floral arrangements, perfume, purse, brush, and other accessories.

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Magic Castle

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with stylish external staircase and a bed decorated with strass stones. Size: 43 x 35 x 39 cm (LxWxH)
EAN: 4008789054746

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